Back to school with Coursera

There are two courses that have been recently relaunched at

  • Machine Learning
  • Game Theory

Both are very interesting and highly recommended to attend. So don’t think twice and join the class whilst they are in their first week only.
Hopefully I will have enough time to complete both of them.

When I met Anthony Kiedis

Back in 1999 met Anthony Kiedis on one the most famous Moscow street – Old Arbat Street. And the result of this short meet up you could see below:

M102 MongoDB for DBAs

The course is over and I did quite well:

Next class starts on the 29th of April so don’t miss it –
Personally, I’m going to try “M101P: MongoDB for Developers (Python)” which starts on the 1st of April.

Happy New Year

It’s the right time to stop rushing ahead insanely, respire, have a seat and look back for a while. Hope you all had a fantastic year full of life-long memories and events and let the new 2013 be at least twice as good as 2012. Happy New Year to you and your families!

Marry Christmas

My hearty well-wishes to all who celebrates Christmas today. Wish all the best to all of you and your families.

P.S. as I live in an a orthodox country we celebrate it in January.

One week in the USA or between San Francisco and LA.

It’s really unbelievable that sometimes even the wildest dreams come true and I had a chance to visit the USA and spent a whole week from the 10th till the 17th of November. After quite a long flight, roughly 13 hours, we landed in LA airport safe and sound, took a quick connection flight to San Francisco and around 8 p.m. arrived to the hotel – Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf.
Below is how I had seen LA for the first time in my life from the plane’s window during the descent:

Frankly speaking I heard about one-story America before but could hardly imagine how it looks in real life. Literally it goes to and beyond the horizon. It was quite a shock because where I live the absolute majority have to cram into multi-story (from 5 to 20 and higher) concrete buildings and only well off part of our society could effort to have a private house. Well, enough brooding and grumping. ;-)

Our plan was the following: to stay in SF for three days, then go off to Monterey for one night, then drive through 17-mile drive and leave to Sequoia national park, have a good night sleep there and finally off to LA. That was an amazing and indescribable trip and we had a chance to visit and see many places around SF and on our way to LA. Before visiting the USA I knew that it’s a beautiful country with stunning views and picturesque landscapes. But believe me, when I saw it with my own eyes and had a chance to taste its scent only then I had understood how little these words had in common with the reality. I won’t even try to express my fillings because I doubt that such words even exist and the only wish that I have now is that someday I could return back and show this radiant country to my kids. Below just a few pictures that I took using my modest camera so please be kind and don’t be too tough on me ;-)

Is technical support worth its money? Not so sure.

I can’t stop wondering why the absolute majority of all support requests I or my colleagues have dealt with in the past were treated, let’s say, in a strange way. The vendor would fight, yes fight, very hard in attempt to defend itself and redirect the blame on the customer or another vendor if that is possible. Using any pretext.
The last such example that was closed a couple of days ago has been opened for more than 10 months. We raised a support ticket in January 2012 and during all that time a vendor was harping monotonically that there was a problem in SAN or we had a problem with the storage array. Eventually, they had acknowledged that the problem was on their side but they didn’t have a reasonable workaround or a patch for us. The only real solution we were provided is an upgrade to a major version. I wouldn’t worry so much if that had been a single example but there are plenty of similar cases and poor quality provided by the technical support personnel has become ridiculously common in our IT everyday life.