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Turned the page

After 5 exciting and tumultuous years in the enterprise IT as a Unix and SAN engineer it’s time to switch gears and taste something new. Of course, the alley I’m stepping into is not universally novel but for me personally it’s like an uncharted territory and something I could only dream about. The idea for […]

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Interview fizzle as a chance to get better

Not a long ago I had one of those humiliating moments when a simple question makes you numb a or even worse – you begin to mumble an absolute rubbish. That is exactly what has happened to me recently and being an afterthought person (which, of course, doesn’t give me any advantage) I decided to […]

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Happy new 2015 year

Howdy! By now we’re all in the same new 2015 year and I want to wish everyone a peaceful, prosperous and fruitful year. May all your dreams come true. HO HO HO

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ruBSD 2014 is coming

Just like in year 2013 Yandex will be hosting ruBSD 2014 (content is in Russian) event on the 13th of December. It’s funny that I learnt about it from BSD Now podcast which, btw, I highly recommend. In the last episode, apart from the already mentioned ruBSD 2014 conference, Allan Jude and Kris Moore also […]

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Never make plans but I’ll try

From New Year’s Resolutions for SysAdmins presented by USENIX I have picked just three for myself: “Gather more metrics and become a data driven IT team.” “I will not ever again work for a cheapskate business owner who cannot, or will not, pay me a fair rate.” “Learn to be a better coder.” The latter […]

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Back to school with Coursera

There are two courses that have been recently relaunched at Machine Learning Game Theory Both are very interesting and highly recommended to attend. So don’t think twice and join the class whilst they are in their first week only. Hopefully I will have enough time to complete both of them.

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When I met Anthony Kiedis

Back in 1999 met Anthony Kiedis on one the most famous Moscow street – Old Arbat Street. And the result of this short meet up you could see below:

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M102 MongoDB for DBAs

The course is over and I did quite well: Next class starts on the 29th of April so don’t miss it – Personally, I’m going to try “M101P: MongoDB for Developers (Python)” which starts on the 1st of April.

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Just a little bit more and I’ll become a star ;-)

Just want to keep it somewhere and think this place wold be the best one. I have one of the top 10% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012

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Happy New Year

It’s the right time to stop rushing ahead insanely, respire, have a seat and look back for a while. Hope you all had a fantastic year full of life-long memories and events and let the new 2013 be at least twice as good as 2012. Happy New Year to you and your families!

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