What to do if HDvM reports unknown version

If you notice that HDvM web interface is saying that it’s running an unknown version (and also recommends to contact HDS support) or when applying a patch it fails like this:

* Update Utility                                                      *
[HDvM 072003] Hitachi Device Manager
Now searching for target products...

The target product is not found.

Then don’t worry as it’s very easy to fix. Most probably you’re missing .HiCommandSPInfo file which by default is placed under /opt/HiCommand/. In my case, for some strange reason, I had it under /opt/ and after I copied it to the correct location (/opt/HiCommand/.HiCommandSPInfo) the issue was solved:

* Update Utility                                                      *
[HDvM 072003] Hitachi Device Manager
Now searching for target products...

[HDvM 072000] is found.

Good luck.

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Enable CIM server on MDS Cisco switch

Want to add your shiny MDS Cisco switch into HTnM (Hitachi Tuning Manager) – that’s very easy. All you have to do is to enable cim, preferably secure cim server, and configure agtw (SAN agent) using HTnM cli. How I did it…

  1. ssh into a switch to configure CIM server. First I copied SSL certificate (self-signed will do well) to configure secure cim server:
  2. # copy scp://username@ssh_host/path_to_ssl_certificate_file bootflash:simserver.pem
    # configure t
    # cimserver certificate bootflash:simserver.pem
    # cimserver enableHttps
    operation cimserver enableHttps():  status: Please restart cimserver for this request to take effect
    # no cimserver enableHttp
    # no feature cimserver
    # feature cimserver
    # show cimserver status
     cimserver is enabled
    # show cimserver httpSStatus
     cimserver Https is enabled
    # show cimserver httpStatus
     cimserver Http is not enabled
  3. Go to the server’s console of your server to do HTnM part.
  4. # /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcinssetup agtw -inst mds_swicth_name
    Connection Destination ( 1:Brocade(DCFM SMI Agent) or 2:Brocade(SMI Agent for FOS) or 3:Brocade(SMI Agent for EOS) or 4:Cisco(Seed Switch) ) : 4
    IP Address                                     : ip_address
     Secure Communication (Y/N) [N]                : Y
     Symbolic name of the fabric [mds_switch_name] :
     Login ID                                      : htnm
     Login Password                                :
                                          Re-enter :
     Store Version            [2.0]                :
    KAVE05080-I The instance environment is now being created. (servicekey=Switch, inst=mds_switch_name)
    KAVE05081-I The instance environment has been created. (servicekey=Switch, inst=mds_switch_name)
  5. Check /opt/jp1pc/agtw/agent/mds_switch_name/jpcagt.ini to make sure that you have port 5989 and secure option enabled in it./


  7. Start the agent.
  8. # /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcstart agtw inst=mds_switch_name
    KAVE06007-I The service will now start. (service=Agent Store for SANSwitch, inst=mds_switch_name)
    KAVE06007-I The service will now start. (service=Agent for SANSwitch, inst=mds_switch_name)

Job done. Wait for the next round of data collection and enjoy the graphs and stats from your MDS box.

RSA AM doesn’t start after kernel upgrade?

If you’ve just upgraded the kernel and your RSA AM server doesn’t start anymore and you see the following error:

com.rsa.ims.security.keymanager.sys.SystemModificationThresholdException: System was modified beyond the allowed threshold, cannot decrypt.

don’t lose consciousness since there is a simple remedy for that

# su - rsa
$ cd /opt/RSAAuthenticationManager/utils/
$ ./rsautil manage-secrets -a recover

Just enter master pasword at the prompt and you’re golden.