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Expanding ZFS rpool in Solaris 10

I was really bad at googling the steps to grow ZFS rpool online without using zpool append, so here is my little story how I’ve done it. Before I begin, please, note that everything said below applies only to the configurations where rpool consumes a whole disk. If there is another partition sitting right after […]

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Bryan Cantrill is back in BSDNow show

Another astonishing appearance of Bryan Cantrill in BSD Now episode Highly recommended.

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mysqldump causes error 2006

Hot on the heels of the recent mysqldump I’ve been running on MySQL 5.5 which ended with the following error: Got error: 2006: MySQL server has gone away when selecting the database Turned out that this error is quite common and there is a quick work around for that – increase max_allowed_packet. In my case […]

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