Back on the track

Since all good things alway come to the end, I’m sitting at the office re-spinning again and again vivid memories of the holidays I had. I doubt I’d be able to put my feelings and impressions into coherent words so I won’t even try just believe me – it was spectacular and flamboyant in every single way. I’m happy and fully refreshed though didn’t have much time to take a physical rest lying in a vegetative state on a beach. To be honest, I always disliked such sort of time spending and considered it as a perpetration. I’m once again convinced that “fly and drive” is my the most favorite and congenial way of spending holidays. But because I live in a dismal city I understand that my kid lacks the sun and the sea thus this time it was 60% of pool/sea games and 40% of hanging around/sightseeing. So here a few pics from Rovinj, Porec, Pula and, of course, Plitvice lakes…

Two weeks of silence

I doubt that anyone out there would notice my absence but, anyway, just for a record, tomorrow I’m ducking out to Croatia for vocations. Have fun and enjoy your time, friends!

Redsnow is waiting for reboot

I always used either pawnage or quickpwn tools to unlock/jailbreak my iPhone but yesterday I gave a go to another tool from the iPhobe Dev-Team called RedSnow which provides similar functionality to quickpwn. Said and done, I installed required package, upgraded my phone to 3.0.1 release and fired up the redsnow thoroughly following the instructions. I happily entered DFU when redsnow got stalled saying “Waiting for reboot”. From my previous experience I knew that it’s not a very bright idea to interrupt the process in the middle but after waiting for 20 minutes I had enough and boldly unplugged the phone from the usb port. Since there was no magical smoke coming out of the phone I sticked it back and by a miracle redsnow got awakened and continued its job. At first I took it as a coincidence so when the unlocking/jailbreaking was over and I decided to give it another spin by repeating the previous steps with one single exception – not to wait a second but disconnect the phone as soon as redsnow starts waving with “Waiting for reboot” message. And it worked out again with no glitches! So if you’ve been gazing at “Waiting for reboot” for half of the day just unplug and plug your iphone back into usb. The ending crowns the work!

Faster ::memstat

A new updated ::memstat mdb command is coming to Solaris. Read more details here. In short, the expected speedup ranges from 13X up to 500X in the best cases, so if you’re sitting behind M9000 you’ll certainly praise it.

Two weeks under the sun and the crystal clear sea

It’s now just a one week before my holidays and I returned back to Moscow to avoid last minute preparation hassle and to pack my stuff neatly and in accurate manner. Since I’ll be traveling with my wife, she is in her fifth month, and a 3 years-old son, there won’t be as many as usual sightseeing trips around the country. But still we’re panning a few:

We spent two weeks last summer in South Dalmatia region of Croatia and were endlessly charmed with its virginal beauty and the spirit of the ages so we decided to return and to enjoy this lovely country once again.

Is 6320 array ready disabled?

If you like me have to deal with Sun StorEdge 6320 array, I bet that at least once in your life you’ve seen it reporting that some of its disk are in “ready disabled” state. When I saw it for the very fist time I scratched my head extensively and the only remedy reported on sunsolve was to recreate the whole volume from the ground with .vol init fast command. Note, that the dot commands are only available to the authorized personnel and could be activated by issuing “sun” command from the cli. It asks for a password, so if you know nothing about it, obviously you’re not allowed to use it.
So lets take a look at how it looks like from the console:

T4:/:<231>fru stat d
DISK    STATUS   STATE       ROLE        PORT1      PORT2      TEMP  VOLUME
------  -------  ----------  ----------  ---------  ---------  ----  ------
u1d01   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      23    T4_pool_0
u1d02   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      26    T4_pool_0
u1d03   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      23    T4_pool_0
u1d04   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      27    T4_pool_0
u1d05   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      23    T4_pool_0
u1d06   ready    disabled    data disk   ready      ready      23    T4_pool_0

I found that the only way to cure it is by unmounting the volume, deleting all slices followed by volume abolition. But just before that, don’t forget to save the geometry of your slices to recreate them lately using the same size/offset and hence keep your data intact. Saving the output from “lun map list” is also a good idea.

T4:/:<232> volslice list -v T4_pool_0
Slice         Slice Num     Start Blk     Size Blks     Capacity      Volume
T4_L00       0             0             536883200      256.005 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_L01       2             536883200     536883200      256.005 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_L02       3             1073766400    268451840      128.007 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_L03       4             1342218240    89415680        42.636 GB   T4_pool_0
-             -             1431633920    6400             3.125 MB  T4_pool_0

T4:/:<233>vol unmount T4_pool_0
T4:/:<234>volslice remove -v T4_pool_0
T4:/:<235>vol remove T4_pool_0
WARNING - The volume and any slices on it will be deleted.
Continue ? [N]: Y

Lets take a look at our disks now:

T4:/:<236>fru stat d
DISK    STATUS   STATE       ROLE        PORT1      PORT2      TEMP  VOLUME
------  -------  ----------  ----------  ---------  ---------  ----  ------
u1d01   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      22    -
u1d02   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      25    -
u1d03   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      22    -
u1d04   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      25    -
u1d05   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      22    -
u1d06   ready    enabled     unassigned  ready      ready      21    -

See, they’re all “ready enabled” but unassigned. All we have to do now is to build our volume again using the information we smartly backed up beforehand:

T4:/:<237>vol add T4_pool_0 data u1d01-6 raid 5
T4:/:<238>volslice create T4_00 -s 0 -z 256GB T4_pool_0
T4:/:<239>volslice create T4_01 -s 536883200 -z 256GB T4_pool_0
T4:/:<240>volslice create T4_02 -s 1073766400 -z 128GB T4_pool_0
T4:/:<241>volslice create T4_03 -s 1342218240 -z 42.639GB T4_pool_0

T4:/:<242>volslice list -v T4_pool_0
Slice         Slice Num     Start Blk     Size Blks     Capacity      Volume
T4_00        0             0             536883200      256.005 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_01        2             536883200     536883200      256.005 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_02        3             1073766400    268451840      128.007 GB   T4_pool_0
T4_03        4             1342218240    89415680        42.636 GB   T4_pool_0
-             -             1431633920    6400             3.125 MB  T4_pool_0

Everything looks good and we could proceed with the final step:

sun: commands enabled
T4:/:<244>.vol init T4_pool_0 fast
WARNING - Existing volume data won't be changed.
Continue ? [N]: Y

At this stage we’re ready to configure lun mappings, permissions and mount the volume.

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Why bother, Amazon?!

Two days ago I, as many out there, received an email from Amazon with an offer inside to make a pre-order for upcoming Snow Leopard. Gee whiz, I’d love to do that, thank you Amazon! But… Hey… Stop… I live in a country you don’t ship CDs/DVDs to. With a faint hope they’d changed something I double checked and found, to no surprise, a usual warning saying no luck for me. I can accept and understand that you don’t deliver to some countries but what I totally refuse to size up is the purpose of such emails when it’s well known in advance they will be futile.

Vyazemy on Sunday

It has become a good tradition to visit a new place on Saturday/Sunday and the last weekend wasn’t an exception from this pleasant rule. Instead of driving for hours this time we went to a place that was just around the corner – country estate Vyazemy. I’m not going to retell the history of this beautiful place since there are a lot of more coherent information in the Internet. Just a general info that Vyazemy has been known since 16th century as the last stop before Moscow and in 1584 it was presented by Fedor I Ioanovich to his brother in law Boris Godunov. In 1694 Peter I granted it to Boris Golitsyn but it was almost 100 years later, in 1784, when Nikolay Golitsyn finished the main building and the park. In 1812 Kutuzov and later Napoleon also stayed there.
During the last 10 or even more years it was under a reconstruction but recently the refurbishment had been completed and the place again appeared in its renovated beauty. The cathedral, the belfry and the main building with two outhouses look just glorious. There is a nice park and a boat-house with generous prices for those who want to enjoy the lake. But, in my opinion, the main point of interest, is the exhibition that is held inside the main building. I could hardly pick up the right words to express how truly it captivating is with its creaking parquet whilst you move from one room to another, the ancient decorations and the furniture and what was the most exciting is the feeling that the master of the house was somewhere around and just left his property for a second. So if you’re passing by Vyazemy on your way home to Moscow or in the opposite direction to Kubinka or Zvenigorod I encourage you to stop for a while and experience it by yourself. I assure you that you won’t regret!