Vyazemy on Sunday

It has become a good tradition to visit a new place on Saturday/Sunday and the last weekend wasn’t an exception from this pleasant rule. Instead of driving for hours this time we went to a place that was just around the corner – country estate Vyazemy. I’m not going to retell the history of this beautiful place since there are a lot of more coherent information in the Internet. Just a general info that Vyazemy has been known since 16th century as the last stop before Moscow and in 1584 it was presented by Fedor I Ioanovich to his brother in law Boris Godunov. In 1694 Peter I granted it to Boris Golitsyn but it was almost 100 years later, in 1784, when Nikolay Golitsyn finished the main building and the park. In 1812 Kutuzov and later Napoleon also stayed there.
During the last 10 or even more years it was under a reconstruction but recently the refurbishment had been completed and the place again appeared in its renovated beauty. The cathedral, the belfry and the main building with two outhouses look just glorious. There is a nice park and a boat-house with generous prices for those who want to enjoy the lake. But, in my opinion, the main point of interest, is the exhibition that is held inside the main building. I could hardly pick up the right words to express how truly it captivating is with its creaking parquet whilst you move from one room to another, the ancient decorations and the furniture and what was the most exciting is the feeling that the master of the house was somewhere around and just left his property for a second. So if you’re passing by Vyazemy on your way home to Moscow or in the opposite direction to Kubinka or Zvenigorod I encourage you to stop for a while and experience it by yourself. I assure you that you won’t regret!

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