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Videos from EuroBSDCon 2014

In the last episode of BSDNow podcast a link to the videos from EuroBSDCon 2014 has been published – The one I enjoyed most was a presentation made by Kirk McKusik about the implementation of ZFS. Worth watching indeed.

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Redmine Time logging via commit checklist

Redmine has a very handy feature, called Time tracking feature, that allows you to log the time your spent working on a code via a commit message. However, it didn’t fly out-of-the-box in my case. If you find yourself in a similar situation you could take a look at the checklist below to verify that […]

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Happy new 2015 year

Howdy! By now we’re all in the same new 2015 year and I want to wish everyone a peaceful, prosperous and fruitful year. May all your dreams come true. HO HO HO

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