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Installing and configuring Graphite with Collectd on FreeBSD

Using Graphite for a smidgen blog like mine is definitely an overkill and Munin fits much better but I wasn’t able to confront my curiosity. So that’s why this post. Before I start, I’d like to mention that even if I’ll be speaking about my endeavor with Graphite on a system running FreeBSD 10.0-RC5, the […]

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Another web server powered by FreeBSD

During the last couple of days I’ve been migrating data and various configurations from my old Ubuntu server to a new one which is running FreeBSD 10.0-RC5 now.

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Upgrading FreeBSD 9.2 to 10.0-RC4 on Rackpsace’s instance

In reality it turned out to be a fairly straightforward procedure: This is crucial. You must save XENHVM config before the upgrade otherwise you won’t be able to re-build the kernel which is required to bring the network up. # cp /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/XENHVM /root/amd64_XENHVM # cp /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/XENHVM /root/i386_XENHVM Perform the upgrade as usual and just follow […]

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Grow root ZFS pool online under FreeBSD 9.2 using Rackspace’s instance

If you opted for a FreeBSD instance on Rackspace and chose standard configuration then you’ll end up with 512MB of RAM and 20GB of space. That’s ok for the starter but eventually you’d need more one day and will upgrade RAM to 1GB for example. With this upgrade your disk will grow upto 40GB but […]

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Never make plans but I’ll try

From New Year’s Resolutions for SysAdmins presented by USENIX I have picked just three for myself: “Gather more metrics and become a data driven IT team.” “I will not ever again work for a cheapskate business owner who cannot, or will not, pay me a fair rate.” “Learn to be a better coder.” The latter […]

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