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Solaris Live Upgrade

In the following post I’d like to go through in a step-by-step manner an upgrade process of Solaris OS. My goal is to jump from Solaris 9 right into Solaris 10 wagon and cause as minimal downtime as possible. To achieve that goal I will be using Solaris Live Upgrade facility together with Solaris flash […]

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Brooding about upcoming Oracle hardware service changes

Just read this on the opensolaris mailing list yesterday and if you don’t follow it then this information could be of big interest. From now on forget about different types of support contract for everything that we have got used to, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze options, have been left behind and get prepared […]

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Ominous gap in pmap’s output

I couldn’t help posting this link which is a must-read if one day you notice that there is something uncanny in the way pmap depicts memory layout of any process under Linux x86_64: # pmap -x `echo $$` 28917: -bash Address Kbytes RSS Anon Locked Mode Mapping 0000000000400000 712 – – – r-x– bash 00000000006b2000 […]

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Everything is in our hands

Yesterday I had a chance to be a part of Moscow OpenSolaris User Group meeting. It’s worth noting that it was two or three years ago when Moscow community gathered together the last time. I do hope that from now on these meeting will become more frequent and more fruitful. Back to the point. The […]

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Moscow OpenSolaris User Group Meeting

If just by a coincidence you are in Moscow and you’re interested in OpenSolaris then the following information could feed a curiosity. And that’s because there is going to be a meeting on the 17th of March dedicated to OpenSolaris. Come and join us here. Look forward to seeing you there.

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Oracle’s filming about ZFS

If you haven’t already seen these two introductory videos that explains from the high level perspective different aspects of ZFS, i.e. deduplication and ZFS dynamic LUN expansion, then here they are available to all of us by courtesy of George Wilson and Deirdré Straughan : ZFS Dynamic LUN expantion ZFS Deduplication Enjoy!

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EIS-DVD, where are you?

Hope that’s just a temporal mess which will be successfully resolved soon. Frankly speaking, I could hardly imagine a Sun field engineer without EIS. The EIS team regrets that EIS-DVD 23FEB10 has been cancelled. This is due to purchase order approval changes for manufacturing and distribution as a result of the transfer of control to […]

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Runlevels in HP-UX and Solaris

In the following post I’d like to dwell upon differences between the run levels in Solaris and HP-UX. So first, lets take a quick look at the description (man init(1M)) of the run levels which are supported in these two operating systems: HP-UX Solaris Apart from obvious distinctions between run levels with the same numbers, […]

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Is it a stupidity or something else?

From time to time I receive job offers and do job market research to keep abreast and be well informed regarding the current state of IT sphere and what opportunities exist out there. As a result I have to sift through all kind of job offers and job descriptions which match “unix solaris san networking” […]

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Are we going to say goodbye to Sun branded USP V/VM?

Just received it today: 2 March 2010 Dear Valued Partner, Due to the recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation, there has been much speculation as to the effect the merger will have on the market, product offerings and partnerships. As you are aware, Hitachi Data Systems and Sun Microsystems have enjoyed a successful […]

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