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How to power off USP-V when it doesn’t want to

In the era of VSP G1000 this post may sound dated but I still hope that it would help some poor sole in the same situation I was sometime ago. The task was laughably simple: power off USP-V, power it up just to make sure it still could boot up flawlessly and shut it down […]

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AMS/HUS Volume migration

Sometime, due to a number of different reasons, there might be a need to perform an undisruptive LUN migration from one DP pool to another. Thankfully it’s trivially easy to do with AMS/HUS Hitachi’s storage arrays: First, enable Volume Migration if this option is still off: auopt -unit array_name -option VOL-MIGRATION -st enable Create a […]

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What to do if HDvM reports unknown version

If you notice that HDvM web interface is saying that it’s running an unknown version (and also recommends to contact HDS support) or when applying a patch it fails like this: # ./UPDATE *********************************************************************** * Update Utility * *********************************************************************** [HDvM 072003] Hitachi Device Manager Now searching for target products… The target product is not found. […]

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Migrating Hi-Track

Yesterday I was moving Hi-Tack monitor from Window to Linux and just want to give a quick overview of the process. To save all your previous Hi-Track configuration just do the following: Install Hi-Track, no surprisingly. Copy devices.export from your old installation and apply it to a new one: /usr/hds/hitdfmon/rundfmon import ./devices.export Copy object.dat28 and […]

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HTnM data migration between Windows and Linux

Sometime ago I was trying to migrate HTnM data, more precisely HTnM agents datastore history information, from Windows to Linux and want to share my story. Migrating HTnM configuration and its data from Windows to Linux is very easy, just follow the documentation steps verbatim. But moving historical data from the HTnM agents, whether it’s […]

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Hi-Track read timed out

Trying to investigate a nasty problem. Every day during seemingly the same hours, i.e. from 4 to 8 a.m., Hitrack reports that one of the controllers in the array it monitors is not responding. During the second consecutive check the problem resolves and the array stays healthy for the rest of the day. Next day […]

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