Hello and nice to meet you here on my lost in the web isolated spot. It’s been a while since I was born and many moons have passed from the times of a student body. Since then a multitude of other changes have befallen most of which were kind and generous to me and in the end of the day I’m what I am, an IT enthusiast specialized in Unix systems. I started with Linux when I was a student and ever since my fate of being a unix engineer had been predetermined. After a number of years I became more and more experienced and had a chance to extend my knowledge in Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, Solaris and other concomitant technologies i.e. networking (btw I’m still a CCNA), storages and high availability. At the moment I’m an officially certified Sun Microsystems services field delivery engineer so most part of my everyday work circulates around Sun hardware equipment and Solaris. And to tell the truth I’m very happy with that.