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D240 Disk’s story

Here is a story I’d like to share with your, my dear, reader. Couple days ago we finally found a remedy for a support case opened in Sun, which even a support engineer christened as “strange”. The problem was initially discovered whilst the root disk mirroring process was on-going. I noticed that it took flagrant […]

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OpenSolaris, licensing, rumors and more

Right on the heels from the MOSUG meeting we had tonight I have something interesting to share with you. Mostly it relates to the most hot topics regarding the future of OpenSolaris, Solaris licensing and support. And so… As you’ve already heard or read in the mailing lists the latest OpenSolaris build has been frozen […]

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Anther MOSUG meeting

Hi folks. There is going to b anther meeting of MOSUG next Tuesday (27th of April). More details about the agenda could be found here. It’s expected that Frederic Pariente from Oracle would join us as well so there is a non-zero chance to fish out some news and future plans straight from the horse’s […]

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Dop show

How to allow an ordinary user to executed an application or a script with the extended privileges or even as a root user? Having a strong Linux/BSD background the very first option that would come to my mind is – sudo. Solaris is more flexible in that regard due to the presence of RBAC. But […]

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Rambling through Irkutsk

Here are some more photos I shoot during my short stay in Irkutsk. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to go and see the grand lake Baikal but even if I did I would’ve not seen anything since it’s still coated with ice. And as usual there was a fly in the ointment. In Moscow […]

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Prince Volkonsky’s house

Education on a walk I’m sitting at the hotel’s lobby accompanied with a cup of cappuccino and preparing to visit Volkonsky’s house. As you may already know, Irkutsk was a place where Decembrists were exiled after a unsuccessful coup attempt in 1825 year. Since the internet connection here is quite unstable and sluggish I will […]

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Back to my home town

It’s been awhile and in the end I’ve made time for a quick post to summarize the impressions from the last trip to Irkutsk. Actually what I’m going to post is just some unbound thoughts, garnished with few photos, I had written down whilst I was doing random stuff, i.e. waiting for a plain or […]

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Four days in Irkutsk

I will be away for the next four days due to a trip to Irkutsk where I’m going to work with Sun 9990 and SF6900.

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A bigger four and a smaller one

Yeah, it sounds awkward an at very least unusual but I don’t know how to express in other words that today is my son’s birthday – he has just turned four years young. Not old but young – it’s we who are getting old. What a day! But at the same time just two days […]

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