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How to migrate Ofbiz from Derby to MySQL DB.

It’s been a while but finally I’m here. I know it’s a lame excuse but the last few weeks were indeed very hectic not only because I’ve joined a freelance community but mostly because I was snowed under on my permanent position. Anyway, today I’d like to guide you through the steps required to migrated […]

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WP 3.0

Whilst I’m sitting in a train which is driving me to the airport I’d like t mention that recently I’ve upgraded to WP 3.0. It was a straightforward on-click procedure. Can’t speak of any single great advantages which this update has brought to me but presumably the biggest one is that nothing has broken so […]

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Living in a rush

I’m still here – on air. But simply don’t have much time to post anything more substantial than saying that I’m leaving to Saint-Petersburg for a couple of days. I’ve already finished my short note about Ofbiz but still need to re-check everything before posting it online. Hope I could do that either from the […]

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Freelancer. Count me in.

I’ve been hatching this idea for a long time but only on the last week I took the final decision and registered on It’s hard to tell what was the catalyst to become a part-time freelancer but I think there were several that drove me: Curiosity Social aspect. Yes, you read it correctly and […]

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Steadfast tin soldier 2010

Just like in the last year we went to Borodino to view “Steadfast tin soldier” reconstruction of the battle that took place there in august 1812. To say it was flamboyant – is the same as to say nothing.

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