Freelancer. Count me in.

I’ve been hatching this idea for a long time but only on the last week I took the final decision and registered on It’s hard to tell what was the catalyst to become a part-time freelancer but I think there were several that drove me:

Yes, you read it correctly and there is no mistake in avoiding the financial theme because it’s not a key intent. Let me elaborate a bit. I was and actually I’m still interested in what are the most common issues and problem that people experience in regard to OSS and if there is something new I could learn from helping people to resolve these issues. And if I’m paid for doing that – it’s an obvious double win. The social component may not sound persuasive and it’s not obvious but it’s actually an important part since being a freelancer implies that one will have to communicate, talk to the customers and explain the inner technical details they might be not quite familiar with. And that’s another big advantage for me since it gives a chance to practice English more.
And there is of course a win for my readers because I will be doing more Linux related posts explaining different tasks I have completed as a freelancer.
See you soon.

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