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Footsteps of spring

Hooray, finally it could be distinctly heard marching down a corduroy and once you’re left with the last sheet of a tear-off calendar in you palm you could crumple it and let the spring in. In the end, you don’t have a choice since tomorrow is the first day of her reign. So you’d better […]

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VxVM is watching after you

Couple of days ago my colleague told me about one neat feature of VxVM 5.x that could be quite helpful in the field. Imagine a situation when a customer complains about VxVM misconfiguration and blames your team for a slime work. To prove him wrong, you could sift through VxVMs’ command log files to get […]

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SunFire 4810 upgrade to Solaris 10u8 issue

Yesterday, I was doing a planned upgrade of SunFire 4810 to Solaris 10u8 and faced the following error just awhile after invoking “boot net – install”. It’s worth noting that prior to OS upgrade I’d successfully updated OBP to the latest release – 5.20.14. SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_141444-09 64-bit Copyright 1983-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. […]

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Moving ZFS disk into Solaris with UFS

Doing another jumpstart installation I stumbled upon the following error: Processing profile – Opening Flash archive – Validating Flash archive – Selecting all disks – Configuring boot device ERROR: The boot disk (c0t0d0) is not selected ERROR: Flash installation failed Solaris installation program exited. An obvious decision was to check the disk with format utility. […]

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Send a complete zfs pool

Imagine, that you have a zfs pool with dozens of zfs datasets which you need to migrate to another box. “How do I accomplish that” is a reasonable question. Actually, that’s dead easy with zfs send/receive mechanism: # zpool list zones NAME SIZE USED AVAIL CAP HEALTH ALTROOT zones 67.5G 30.5G 37.0G 45% ONLINE – […]

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Scanty vocabulary

I do believe that nowadays English language is hugely simplified in day-to-day use. Just listen to this:

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