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Canceled my booking

As of January 1st I’m no longer employed by and surely have some mixed feeling about that. But as the saying goes – “every cloud has a silver lining” so I’m looking in to the future with a strong optimism. New Year – New Beginnings. ;-)

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Advent of Code 2020 experience

This year was the very first one when I was able to follow along with the daily Advent of Code 2020 small programming puzzles. “Small” is certainly a subjective word as I still have yet to finish part 2 of days 19 and 20 but overall it has been an exciting journey that gave me […]

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Christmas gifts 2020 already in house

It all started with a long awaited book by Brendan Gregg “BPF Performance Tools” that I decided to purchase directly from since didn’t have it in store and it wasn’t clear at all when they would have one. Then another day I found this in my mail box: With a couple of cute […]

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Finished “Permanent Record”

Just turned the final page of Permanent Record and, not taking into account that I haven’t read a real physical book for quite a while, must say this one was thrillingly riveting. The world would’ve been undoubtedly a better place had we had more Snowdens among us.

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Thumbs up to creators of

First of all – I’m not a shill but just an ordinary satisfied user of the service. Wonder if all stoogy sponsored testimonial starts like this ;-) Anyway, recently, I’ve been trying to improve my coding skills and found that just doing exercises on was not enough for me. I was definitely missing some […]

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Clawfinger memories 2018

This is from 25 years DDB show in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

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When the past meets the future

The subject says it all.

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Yandex internal CTF 2017

This year CTF at Yandex brought not only the excitement and sleepless nights but a bunch of awesome swag.

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No video during the flight

Don’t know what version of Linux they were running but looks like one of the following code paths triggered the issue: static int pca953x_read_regs(struct pca953x_chip *chip, int reg, u8 *val) { int ret; ret = chip->read_regs(chip, reg, val); if (ret < 0) { dev_err(&chip->client->dev, “failed reading register\n”); return ret; } return 0; } static int […]

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Another FreeBSD drop into the Digital Ocean

After several happy years with FreeBSD running in AWS I finally have switched to Digital Ocean. That happened a few days ago and was driven mainly by the lack of the console support which “aws ec2 get-console-output”, in my opinion, is certainly not. After the upgrade to FreeBSD 11 I found my instance unreachable and […]

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