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Back to school with Coursera

There are two courses that have been recently relaunched at Machine Learning Game Theory Both are very interesting and highly recommended to attend. So don’t think twice and join the class whilst they are in their first week only. Hopefully I will have enough time to complete both of them.

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Matching Oracle ASM disks names with the physical devices

Quite often it’s required to find a physical device which backs up ASM disk. The easiest way a Linux administrator could accomplish that is by using oracleasm command (of course, if ASMlib was used to create them): # oracleasm listdisks ASMARCHIVE1 ASMARCHIVE2 ASMARCHIVE3 ASMDATA1 ASMDATA2 ASMDATA3 OCR1 OCR2 VOTEDISK1 VOTEDISK2 VOTEDISK3 # oracleasm querydisk -p […]

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