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Hard to be NonStop

Just a short set of commands to verify and reset disk status on NonStop platform: scf status disk $DATA02 scf info disk $* scf status disk $DATA02, detail scf reset $DATA02 scf start $DATA02

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How to live with disabled disks

Recently, I was working with a customer’s Sun StorEdgeTek 2540 array which mysteriously had all twelve disks in disabled state. Details Name: t85d01 ID: Tray.85.Drive.1 Array: Array Type: 2540 Tray: 85 Slot Number: 1 Role: Unassigned Virtual Disk: – State: Disabled Status: Optimal Capacity: 279.396 GB Type: SAS Speed (RPM): 15000 RPM Firmware: SA04 Serial […]

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Brendan Gregg talks about DTrace

Another fantastic presentation from Brendan and just like all the previous ones it’s a must seen video

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The end of “Fair Play”

After Theirry’s handball no trust left neither in pompous gentry in FIFA nor in their already fscked slogan. It’s such a shame…

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Plugging HP-UX into SAN

Our task for today is to connect HP-UX (11.31 release) to MSA2312fc through SAN with two Brocade switches in between. First, we need to find out all FC cards installed in our server and once we have that piece of information we could dig for WWN numbers to map them latter to the disk array. […]

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Stranger in HP-UX

For the last couple of days I’ve been heavily playing with HP-UX, one of the unknown and never seen operating system. That’s true – I’ve never touch it before. But these days are over and now I’m overfilled with new experience and… mixed fillings. You see, on the one hand it’s UNIX and most of […]

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Little Shop of Performance Horrors

Watch a fantastic presentation by Brendan Gregg who dwells upon different performance aspects and issues with real life examples. This 2.5 hours discussion has been split into three parts: Part 1,

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