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AWS FreeBSD instance won’t come up. Screams for manual fsck.

This is a short write up if after a reset or a reboot your FreeBSD (or Linux) instance doesn’t come online, stalls and “aws ec2 get-console-output” returns something like that among its lines: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY. Just power-off the faulty instance either from Web interface or using cli: aws ec2 stop-instances –instance your_instance_id […]

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How to power off USP-V when it doesn’t want to

In the era of VSP G1000 this post may sound dated but I still hope that it would help some poor sole in the same situation I was sometime ago. The task was laughably simple: power off USP-V, power it up just to make sure it still could boot up flawlessly and shut it down […]

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