How to power off USP-V when it doesn’t want to

In the era of VSP G1000 this post may sound dated but I still hope that it would help some poor sole in the same situation I was sometime ago. The task was laughably simple: power off USP-V, power it up just to make sure it still could boot up flawlessly and shut it down again. All went nice and dandy till the final step – the ultimate power off. So I opened DKC panel and switched simultaneously two switches: PS-ENABLE and PS-OFF (all in accordance with the maintenance manual).


So far so good. During the first power off iteration it took the array (DKC and one DKU) roughly 15-20 minutes to cut off the power from its components so switches on AC boxes could be turned into OFF position. But not this time… After waiting for one hour and a half the system was still up. However, and thankfully the disks had been spun down successfully. That opened a door for a forceable shut down procedure. Which is simple and straightforward as a samurai’s sword.

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