How to power off USP-V when it doesn’t want to

In the era of VSP G1000 this post may sound dated but I still hope that it would help some poor sole in the same situation I was sometime ago. The task was laughably simple: power off USP-V, power it up just to make sure it still could boot up flawlessly and shut it down again. All went nice and dandy till the final step – the ultimate power off. So I opened DKC panel and switched simultaneously two switches: PS-ENABLE and PS-OFF (all in accordance with the maintenance manual).


So far so good. During the first power off iteration it took the array (DKC and one DKU) roughly 15-20 minutes to cut off the power from its components so switches on AC boxes could be turned into OFF position. But not this time… After waiting for one hour and a half the system was still up. However, and thankfully the disks had been spun down successfully. That opened a door for a forceable shut down procedure. Which is simple and straightforward as a samurai’s sword.

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  1. Written by Pedro
    on March 3, 2016 at 1:01 pm
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    hey hello i have a USP V now that its not powering on the disk…. its really painful some help ??

    • Written by sergeyt
      on March 3, 2016 at 1:39 pm
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      Hi Pedro,

      Wish I had an answer right from the top of my head. Have never faced with the issue you mentioned myself so the only option I could think of is to study USP-V’s maintenance manual for any solution to your problem.
      Will try to ask around but don’t hold for the hope as the issue could be tricky and not that easy to debug without the help from HDS support.

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