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Where GREP came from – Brian Kernighan

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Moving to OmniOS Community Edition

Had a small snag when I tried to upgrade my old (r151018) OmniOS installation to OmniOS CE as described in the ANNOUNCEMENT OmniOS Community Edition – OmniOSce r151022h During “pkg update” stage I got something similar to the following: pkg update: The certificate which issued this certificate:/C=US/ST=Maryland/O=OmniTI/OU=OmniOS/CN=OmniOS r151018 Release Signing Certificate/emailAddress=omnios-supp… could not be found. […]

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Expanding ZFS rpool in Solaris 10

I was really bad at googling the steps to grow ZFS rpool online without using zpool append, so here is my little story how I’ve done it. Before I begin, please, note that everything said below applies only to the configurations where rpool consumes a whole disk. If there is another partition sitting right after […]

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Bryan Cantrill in BSD Now podcast

The lastest episode of BSD Now (103) podcast brought in a fantastic and hilarious interview with Bryan Cantrill who is well known for his wit and right on the bullseye rants. It’s been awhile since I cried laughing so unquestionably this video is a highly recommended. Not to mention that his talk was very educational […]

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Solaris checkinstall script did not complete successfully

This is another post about the usefulness of reading man pages and READMEs. The other day I was patching a Solaris box and was greeted with the following error: This appears to be an attempt to install the same architecture and version of a package which is already installed. This installation will attempt to overwrite […]

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Don’t forget to apply Solaris Live Upgrade patch or …

One day you might find yourself in a similar situation as I did when I wasn’t able to create a new boot environment: # lucreate -n SolarisFeb16 Analyzing system configuration. Comparing source boot environment file systems with the file system(s) you specified for the new boot environment. Determining which file systems should be in the […]

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Solaris 11.2 beta is available

Yesterday Oracle announced the availability of Solaris 11.2 beta with a bunch of sweet enhancements, e.g. Openstack, Solaris Kernel zones, Unified archives, Compliance check and reporting, Automation with puppet and more. Find more by reading Solaris 11.2 Beta – What’s new For those who is interested in a hands on experience Solaris11.2 beta is also […]

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How to say “yes” to pkgrm

If you got bored pressing “y” every time you delete a package and pkgrm asks its “Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q]” question, there is a very easy solution: # yes | pkgrm package1 package2 … package3 Has saved me a lot of time.

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Why doesn’t Solaris SMF aware service start on boot?

A quick hint on how to find a possible root cause why a newly imported service doesn’t auto start on system reboot. So… You’ve just imported service’s manifest, rebooted the system and noticed the service is still in the offline state: svccfg import service_manifest.xml init 6 svcs service_name STATE STIME FMRI offline 15:55:52 svc:service_name:default A […]

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How to setup Solaris 10 ldap client and glue it with ssh

Recently I wrote a post about configuring OpenLDAP server with TLS support using RHEL available here. There I also mentioned how to setup Linux to authenticate against a LDAP server. But I didn’t said a word about Solaris. That’s unfair and I’m going to fix that by providing a quick guide on how to setup […]

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