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Macbook pro and three consecutive led flashes

Just in case if you have Macbook Pro, mine is 15″ from 2008, and one day it stops working or shuts itself down shortly after you’ve logged into the system, don’t panic and don’t run into the closest Apple store to buy a new one. There is probably a solution. There are other symptoms of […]

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Finally, OpenIndiana has found its place in my VirtualBox environment. Very hope, that I would have enough time to play with it. Anyway, it’s nice to have it as a Solaris reference.

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Is technical support worth its money? Not so sure.

I can’t stop wondering why the absolute majority of all support requests I or my colleagues have dealt with in the past were treated, let’s say, in a strange way. The vendor would fight, yes fight, very hard in attempt to defend itself and redirect the blame on the customer or another vendor if that […]

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