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Here are some photos that I was able to shoot during my last trip to Vladivostok. Nothing special…

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When no documentation is better than a bad one.

I’ve just returned from Vladivistok where I spent a day replacing a battery in Sun’s SE 6120 disk array. What could be easier than that? True, unless you’ve been misguided by a broken documentation. Here is a quote from Sun/Oracle’s official document (Sun StorEdgeTM 6020 and 6120 Arrays System Manual): Once a battery has been […]

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Password and group caching

If you have a NIS client on HPUX and you’ve spent a few hours already trying to understand why on the earth “id” command keeps telling something like this: bash-3.2# id sergeyt Can’t find user sergeyt And you’ve already checked all the pieces where NIS could brake, i.e. nsswitch.conf, ypwhich -m, ypmatch user_name passwd, nsquery, […]

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