Just boring

The title says it all. Nothing is happening at all and I feel stuck in the dead calm. Below are the most noticeable events that have taken part recently:

  • The first part of Crypto class is over with the next portion expected to be offered somewhere during the autumn.
  • Finally switched from iPhone to Google Galaxy Nexus and I have no regrets about that. This new device is really cool and I must admit that ICS has brought Android to an absolutely different level.
  • A week ago my Mackbook Pro 15″ waved goodbye, switched off and every time when I tried to start it welcomed me with an absolute silence and a flashing moon-colored light from its front. Only today I returned it from AASP where it had a logical board replaced. I was hopping that I had became another witness of TS2377 and was eligible for a free replacement but unfortunately it wasn’t a problem with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, so I had to fork out quite substantial sum of money. Anyway, it was much better solution than buying a new one. Hope my silver friend would be with me for another couple of years.