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Recovering data from iPhone backup

Here is a story about how to recover the data from old iPhone’s backups. As you know iTunes stores iPhone backups in your home directory or more precisely in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup. The problem is that it’s not very convenient to mess with restoring iPhone and as a result to end up with your current data […]

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iTunes U favorit links

iTunes U is an incredible and highly valuable service provided by Apple. It’s needless to tout it much because anyone who wants to feel [him|her]self in a student’s shoes has already tasted how great this service is and how much it could give. Here is just a list of my favorite iTunes links: MIT. Introduction […]

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Jumped into Oracle Solaris 11 Express wagon

It’s not the news anymore that Oracle Solaris 11 Express has been released. Unsurprisingly it turned out to be a trivial task to upgrade from OpenSolaris (snv 134) and it was just a matter of updating the publisher and do usual image-update: Some time later:

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My lovely SL500

My old friend SL500 has given me another gift just a few hours before my flight to Moscow from Irkutsk where I was replacing the robot module or Z-Drive assembly. So I rushed back to the customer’s site to find the following: The robot’s hand was frozen and standing still just opposite the slot it […]

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Oracle Secure Backup

In preparation to a possible trip that will never happen I had to go through the configuration steps of Oracle Secure Backup to be able to do it quickly and professionally on-site. Since I didn’t have a spare tape library to play with I used a built-in tape drive from D240 box and SF6900 as […]

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American cop

Wish that one day the cops in my country would act similarly to prevent an accident and not bluntly looking for a chance to bribe:

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Set a limit on a process’s size

At times it’s require to limit a process’s memory size by some value. In such cases “ulimit -m” is our best friend. But what if the task to limit not only a certain but all processes on the given system. I didn’t know how to do that, and frankly speaking have never faced with such […]

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