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Bryan Cantrill in BSD Now podcast

The lastest episode of BSD Now (103) podcast brought in a fantastic and hilarious interview with Bryan Cantrill who is well known for his wit and right on the bullseye rants. It’s been awhile since I cried laughing so unquestionably this video is a highly recommended. Not to mention that his talk was very educational […]

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When no documentation is better than a bad one.

I’ve just returned from Vladivistok where I spent a day replacing a battery in Sun’s SE 6120 disk array. What could be easier than that? True, unless you’ve been misguided by a broken documentation. Here is a quote from Sun/Oracle’s official document (Sun StorEdgeTM 6020 and 6120 Arrays System Manual): Once a battery has been […]

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My lovely SL500

My old friend SL500 has given me another gift just a few hours before my flight to Moscow from Irkutsk where I was replacing the robot module or Z-Drive assembly. So I rushed back to the customer’s site to find the following: The robot’s hand was frozen and standing still just opposite the slot it […]

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Orphaned Dtrace, Fishworks and ZFS

First it was Bryan Cantrill and then Adam Leventhal who followed. After that the exodus had continued by Jeff Bonwick and Mike Shapiro both leaving Oracle. But today another big name from Sun Microsystems has closed the Oracle’s door – Brendan Gregg is leaving today and all we have been left with is a new […]

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Who cares about TCO and ROI?!

As expected people care less about buisness acronyms and high words i.e. TCO, ROI, integrted stack, when real money are involved. I visioned confirmation of this during Oracle+Sun welcome event where all Oracles’/Suns’ consultants were touting about their integrated stack but felt short once asked about the price the customer will have to pay for […]

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Tender thanks for invitation

As I mentioned in my last post there is going to be a planed Oracle+Sun welcome event on the 20th of May in Moscow Marriott Hotel and, nevertheless, I was a bit skeptical about my chances to be allowed to attend this event I still received the confirmation today. Frankly speaking, I don’t expect to […]

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Oracle Sun welcome event

Finally, Oracle+Sun Welcome Event has come to Moscow but it’s very unlikely that I would be invited since every application must be approved and something tells me that my ordinary “Unix engineer” job title isn’t high enough for the invitation. But I still believe…

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D240 Disk’s story

Here is a story I’d like to share with your, my dear, reader. Couple days ago we finally found a remedy for a support case opened in Sun, which even a support engineer christened as “strange”. The problem was initially discovered whilst the root disk mirroring process was on-going. I noticed that it took flagrant […]

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OpenSolaris, licensing, rumors and more

Right on the heels from the MOSUG meeting we had tonight I have something interesting to share with you. Mostly it relates to the most hot topics regarding the future of OpenSolaris, Solaris licensing and support. And so… As you’ve already heard or read in the mailing lists the latest OpenSolaris build has been frozen […]

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Brooding about upcoming Oracle hardware service changes

Just read this on the opensolaris mailing list yesterday and if you don’t follow it then this information could be of big interest. From now on forget about different types of support contract for everything that we have got used to, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze options, have been left behind and get prepared […]

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