Brooding about upcoming Oracle hardware service changes

Just read this on the opensolaris mailing list yesterday and if you don’t follow it then this information could be of big interest. From now on forget about different types of support contract for everything that we have got used to, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze options, have been left behind and get prepared to fork off 12% of you net system’s price if you still thinking about getting support from Oracle/Sun.

Oracle Hardware Service Changes
Support Options
I. Systems
Premier Support for Systems
§ Covers system hardware, OS and virtualization software
§ One level of Service
§ 7/24 with 2 hour onsite response
§ Available within 25 miles of designated metro center
§ 12% of customer’s net system price
**Upon renewal, all current Sun Spectrum hardware and system support
customer’s will be migrated to the new offering receiving upgraded service
II. OS and Systems Software
Premier Support for Operating System
§ Covers Oracle; Solaris, Enterprise, Linux and Oracle VM (OVM) running on Sun
§ 8% of customer’s net system price
Premier Support for Software (Non OS)
§ 22% of customer’s net software license value
§ There will only be one price list – Hardware Price List
§ Service pricing is based on hardware price
III. Advanced Customer Services
Packaged Services
§ Installation
§ Professional Services
§ Premier Support Qualification (Recertification)
§ Data and Device Retention (Secure Disk)
Expert Services
§ On Site Resources
§ Custom PS
Operations Management
§ Managed Services
IV. Warranty Information Effective March 16th 2010
1 year from ship date
a. Phone coverage 5×9 Monday-Friday
b. Web coverage 24×7
**Users are required to register their warranty in order to log service requests.
c. Phone Response time
i. P1 – 4 hours
ii. P2 – 8 hours
iii. P3 – next business day
d. Parts Replacement:
i. Customer Replaceable unit: parts exchange only (CRU fee no
longer applicable)
ii. Field Replaceable unit: delivered by Oracle or authorized
iii. Response SLA: 2 days
e. Firmware fixes provided
V. Renewal Guidelines
i. Upon renewal, all contracts will be migrated to a one year (12
month) Premier Support contract
VI. Service Portfolio Details:

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