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Where is my mind

Just can’t stop listening that. For the last two days I’ve been spining this song all over and over again. Brilliant and truly talented lad.

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Brocade and Qlogic (SANbox2) switches in one fabric

Below is a quick guide about how to merge Brocade and Qlogic (SANbox2) switches together. I understand, that a more intellegent approach would be to stay away from mixing different vendors in a SAN environment but at times we live with what we’ve been given. As always in our life, there is a trade-off one […]

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Hylafax game

Bellow is my short summary of how I was configuring a Hyalafax server on Ubuntu 10.04. The end result which I was striving to achieve was a fax server that could act both as a fax2email and an email2fax gateway. Installing and configuring Hylafax server with a proven hardware is easy and surely not a […]

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