My second trip to Vladivostok

Last week I had a privilege to visit Vladivostok for the second time just one month after I’d been there for the very first time in my life. That’s a pitty, but I didn’t have enough time to go around the city extensively as I had planned initially: that was a classic “man proposes but God disposes” case. Anyway, I had a chance to visit a lighthouse sightseen point, a local Oceanarium and the Vladivostok’s castle museum. Very, vert impressive.

It’s sad to realize that due to the upcoming changes I’m not sure if I have another chance to visit this lovely city.

Finally got something to read

Just received a long awaited DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD book. From the very begining, even before I had pre-ordered it from Amazon, I knew it would be another great work made by Brendad Gregg and Jim Mauro. And I wasn’t mistaken. If you don’t trust me I strongly encourage everyone to read a sample chapter generously provided by Brendan – DTrace book sample chapter: File Systems.

Hapy reading and mastering Dtrace.