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ruBSD 2014 is coming

Just like in year 2013 Yandex will be hosting ruBSD 2014 (content is in Russian) event on the 13th of December. It’s funny that I learnt about it from BSD Now podcast which, btw, I highly recommend. In the last episode, apart from the already mentioned ruBSD 2014 conference, Allan Jude and Kris Moore also […]

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Jumping into another cloud

After almost 4 years of being a Rackspace user I’ve moved to a new home – Amazon AWS. The main reason that gave me a nudge was the issue I was hit by after upgrading to 10.1-Release. Temporary solution did work but it was too costly to consider it as permanent so I started to […]

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FreeBSD 10.1-Release as domU (guest) VM

I’ve been running FreeBSD 10.0-Release for quite a while using Rackspace’s environment and yesterday decided to jump on 10.1-Release bandwagon using exactly the same steps which I described in on of my earlier posts. However it wasn’t successful as expected since I see constant freezes with the following errors being displayed in the console: network_alloc_rx_buffers: […]

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ZFS RAIDZ stripe width explained

Frankly speaking, dynamic stripping part of ZFS was never clearly understood by me, until I came across the following article by Matt Ahrens – Really worth reading.

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