Jumping into another cloud

After almost 4 years of being a Rackspace user I’ve moved to a new home – Amazon AWS. The main reason that gave me a nudge was the issue I was hit by after upgrading to 10.1-Release. Temporary solution did work but it was too costly to consider it as permanent so I started to look around. The decision was quick as I knew where to look at – thanks to FreeBSD Journal Issue July/Aug 2014 in which Colin Percival, a well-known FreeBSD committer, describes how to provision FreeBSD on EC2. Besides, he also publishes FreeBSD AMIs which gives hope that we won’t be left in the dark.
Can’t tell anything specific about AWS, it definitely fits my unassuming needs, but what I really like is their aws cli tool and of course waiting for my very first billing invoice.


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