FreeBSD 10.1-Release as domU (guest) VM

I’ve been running FreeBSD 10.0-Release for quite a while using Rackspace’s environment and yesterday decided to jump on 10.1-Release bandwagon using exactly the same steps which I described in on of my earlier posts. However it wasn’t successful as expected since I see constant freezes with the following errors being displayed in the console:

network_alloc_rx_buffers: m_cjlget failed
network_alloc_rx_buffers: m_cljget failed
network_alloc_rx_buffers: m_cljget failed
network_alloc_rx_buffers: m_cljget failed

Increasing kern.ipc.nmbclusters and kern.ipc.nmbjumbop as a possible solution mentioned on FreeBSD Xen mailing list made no difference.

From GitHub FreeBSD repository it seems the error is generated by the following code:

if ((m_new->m_flags & M_EXT) == 0) {
			printf("%s: m_cljget failed\n", __func__);

Being a non kernel developer in any way that’s all I could tell so far. Time to dive deeper into the code.

The easiest/dumbest solution was to upgrade my Rackspace instance by adding extra CPU/RAM power. Not the solution I would like to have but at least it’s now possible to update and compile packages from the ports collections.

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