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Where GREP came from – Brian Kernighan

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How the SCP protocol works

That’s not my title but the one I stole from a fantastic Jan Pechanec’s blog post that describes how the SCP protocol works – I really encourage everyone to read it.

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Password and group caching

If you have a NIS client on HPUX and you’ve spent a few hours already trying to understand why on the earth “id” command keeps telling something like this: bash-3.2# id sergeyt Can’t find user sergeyt And you’ve already checked all the pieces where NIS could brake, i.e. nsswitch.conf, ypwhich -m, ypmatch user_name passwd, nsquery, […]

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An error during APA creation

If you see an error message like this “unplumb operation for lan was unsuccessful” when creating APA interface double check that all members of APA configuration are down and none of them has an IP address assigned.

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Expanding SB40c with hpacucli

One of the tasks that we had to deal with during the last trip was to expand SB40c blade storage by replacing 4x146GB SAS disks with 6x30GB SAS disks. Preferably, this operation should be done online causing our client a zero downtime. Since these 4x146GB had been configured into RAID10 the initial idea was quite […]

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Mirroring root disk on HP-UX 11iv3

This post have been resting in a dust a way too long but now I’m going to fix that by guiding you through a very important and sometimes a vital process as a root disk mirroring on HP-UX. Truth to be told that there is no single grain of rocket science so treat it as […]

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Dop show

How to allow an ordinary user to executed an application or a script with the extended privileges or even as a root user? Having a strong Linux/BSD background the very first option that would come to my mind is – sudo. Solaris is more flexible in that regard due to the presence of RBAC. But […]

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Runlevels in HP-UX and Solaris

In the following post I’d like to dwell upon differences between the run levels in Solaris and HP-UX. So first, lets take a quick look at the description (man init(1M)) of the run levels which are supported in these two operating systems: HP-UX Solaris Apart from obvious distinctions between run levels with the same numbers, […]

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Plugging HP-UX into SAN

Our task for today is to connect HP-UX (11.31 release) to MSA2312fc through SAN with two Brocade switches in between. First, we need to find out all FC cards installed in our server and once we have that piece of information we could dig for WWN numbers to map them latter to the disk array. […]

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Stranger in HP-UX

For the last couple of days I’ve been heavily playing with HP-UX, one of the unknown and never seen operating system. That’s true – I’ve never touch it before. But these days are over and now I’m overfilled with new experience and… mixed fillings. You see, on the one hand it’s UNIX and most of […]

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