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“WT_CONNECTION.open_session: only configured to support 20020”

Frankly speaking, the explanation provided in SERVER-30421 and SERVER-17364 is a bit vague and “hand wavy” to me but at least there are steps that could help mitigate it: Decrease idle cursor timeout (default value is 10 minutes): In mongodb.conf: setParameter: cursorTimeoutMillis: 30000 Using mongo cli: use admin db.runCommand({setParameter:1, cursorTimeoutMillis: 30000}) Increase session_max: storage: wiredTiger: […]

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Changing Oplog size or when root role is not enough

Managing MongoDB sometimes involves increasing Oplog size sine the default setting (5% of free disk space if running wiredTiger on a 64-bit platform) is not enough. And if you’re running MongoDB older than 3.6 that requires some manual intervention described in the documentation. It’s pretty straightforward even if it requires a node downtime as part […]

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