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TAO: Facebook’s Distributed Data Store for the Social Graph

This post will be very succinct. Just a single link to a publication of TAO’s details at USENIX and a quote from the abstract part of the paper to catch your eye: We introduce a simple data model and API tailored for serving the social graph, and TAO, an implementation of this model. TAO is […]

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Apple WWDC 2013

In no way being another Apple deaf and blind fanboy, though I prefer to use Apple products, I must admit, after watching the keynotes, that it was an astonishing and fantastic show. And I truly concur with the audience when it stood up to welcome new iOS7 and to share their emotions. Hats off to […]

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When I met Anthony Kiedis

Back in 1999 met Anthony Kiedis on one the most famous Moscow street – Old Arbat Street. And the result of this short meet up you could see below:

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