Oracle Secure Backup

In preparation to a possible trip that will never happen I had to go through the configuration steps of Oracle Secure Backup to be able to do it quickly and professionally on-site.

Since I didn’t have a spare tape library to play with I used a built-in tape drive from D240 box and SF6900 as my test bed.

First, I had to configure my tape drive by setting sgen driver since st is not supported by OSB.

# update_drv -d -i '"scsiclass,01"' st
# add_drv -f -m '* 0666 bin bin' -i '"scsiclass,01" "scsiclass,08" "scsa,01.bmpt" "scsa,0.8.bmpt"' sgen
# ln -s /dev/scsi/sequential/c9t6d0 /dev/obt0

Next step is to create a host and assert is a few roles.

ob> mkhost -r admin,mediaserver,client -i server's_ip_address hostname
ob> lshost                                                             
sf6900-2      admin,mediaserver,client (via OB) in service

Once the host is defined it’s time to proceed wit the tape drive:

ob> mkdev -t tape -o -a sf600:/dev/obt0 tc-tape
ob> lsdev 
    Device type:            tape
    Model:                  [none]
    Serial number:          0005306351
    In service:             yes
    Automount:              yes
    Error rate:             8
    Query frequency:        [undetermined]
    Debug mode:             no
    Blocking factor:        (default)
    Max blocking factor:    (default)
    UUID:                   907cedda-ad0e-102d-a8d3-d67ad710fa01
    Attachment 1:
        Host:               sf6900
        Raw device:         /dev/obt0

It’s required to bind an OSB’s user to a unix account so that OS’s user would be able (authorized) to start a backup using RMAN:

ob> chuser --preauth sf6900:system_username+rman admin

In the end created a database backup storage selector and media family using mkssel and mkmf respectively to add more granularity into my backup configuration i.e. “Write window”, “Keep volume set” period or whether the volumes are appendable or not.

Finally, I used the following trivial RMAN script to make sure that everything was fine:

  allocate channel c1 device type sbt
    parms 'ENV=(OB_MEDIA_FAMILY=OracleBackup)';
  backup database include current controlfile;
  backup archivelog all not backed up;

To be on the safe side just used obtool to confirm that everything was indeed alright:

ob> lsj
Job ID           Sched time  Contents                       State
---------------- ----------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------
admin/3          none        database orcltst (dbid=1449400826) processed; Oracle job(s) scheduled
admin/3.1        none        datafile backup                running since 2010/11/02.17:06

ob> lspiece 
    POID Database   Content    Copy Created      Host             Piece name
     101 orcltst   full          0 11/02.17:07  sf6900      02ls0ppf_1_1
     102 orcltst   archivelog    0 11/02.17:09  sf6900      03ls0pua_1_1
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