Is technical support worth its money? Not so sure.

I can’t stop wondering why the absolute majority of all support requests I or my colleagues have dealt with in the past were treated, let’s say, in a strange way. The vendor would fight, yes fight, very hard in attempt to defend itself and redirect the blame on the customer or another vendor if that is possible. Using any pretext.
The last such example that was closed a couple of days ago has been opened for more than 10 months. We raised a support ticket in January 2012 and during all that time a vendor was harping monotonically that there was a problem in SAN or we had a problem with the storage array. Eventually, they had acknowledged that the problem was on their side but they didn’t have a reasonable workaround or a patch for us. The only real solution we were provided is an upgrade to a major version. I wouldn’t worry so much if that had been a single example but there are plenty of similar cases and poor quality provided by the technical support personnel has become ridiculously common in our IT everyday life.

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