Macbook pro and three consecutive led flashes

Just in case if you have Macbook Pro, mine is 15″ from 2008, and one day it stops working or shuts itself down shortly after you’ve logged into the system, don’t panic and don’t run into the closest Apple store to buy a new one. There is probably a solution. There are other symptoms of failure, e.g. it wouldn’t boot or chime, or the display would stay black even when you could here the fans spinnig. That all doesn’t metter – I had all of these with my laptop – as the only thing that could bring you hope is the following: take a look at the front light indicator and if it flashes three times in a row then pauses for a while and then anther three flashes repeatedly then try to replace your memory DIMMs.
Frankly speaking I don’t know the root cause behind that issue but it worked for me and once I replaced my 2x2GB Kingston memory DIMMs to the stock ones (2x1GB) the problem had gone.

Hope it saves you a couple of quids.

Below is the link to the official knowledge base article that describes that.

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