Back to school with Coursera

There are two courses that have been recently relaunched at

  • Machine Learning
  • Game Theory

Both are very interesting and highly recommended to attend. So don’t think twice and join the class whilst they are in their first week only.
Hopefully I will have enough time to complete both of them.

5 thoughts on “Back to school with Coursera

  1. Hi from Tokyo!

    I am interested to take on-line computer science course. You seem smart in such thing. Are you still doing that? Can you tell a good on-line course for a person to learn more? I am preparing for University, and want to take some class to be ready. I have strong interests in computer science.

    I await you respond.


    • Hi Daichi-san,

      Thank for kind replies. You very smart with this. I let you know.

      Doo itashimashite.

      If you keep being passionate about learning knew things you’ll certainly be smarter than anyone else ;-)
      Please, let me know if you find the courses helpful and how your studying is progressing.

      Ganbatte kudasai

      Kind regards,

  2. I now finish computer science 101 on Coursera. I have question to say but like to give by private email. Can I send u email? I have question for you regarding where I should look to future. I provide my email in box.

    I await u reply.


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