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First of all – I’m not a shill but just an ordinary satisfied user of the service. Wonder if all stoogy sponsored testimonial starts like this ;-)
Anyway, recently, I’ve been trying to improve my coding skills and found that just doing exercises on was not enough for me. I was definitely missing some bigger picture and had unstructured way of thinking.
Luckily for me I came across that, to be honest, hasn’t solved all my problems and hasn’t yet helped to land my dream job but nevertheless has greatly improved my overall apprehension and allowed to improve self-confidence. What attracts me the most is that with algoexpert you don’t only have the questions and the answers but also the concise and at the same time highly details conceptual explanation of every problem. That helps to build fundamental knowledge which is essential for the coding interview.
I’d highly encourage to check out some free questions on their website to see it for yourself.
Good luck!

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