Footsteps of spring

Hooray, finally it could be distinctly heard marching down a corduroy and once you’re left with the last sheet of a tear-off calendar in you palm you could crumple it and let the spring in. In the end, you don’t have a choice since tomorrow is the first day of her reign. So you’d better strain your ears to hear her breath in the dripping of melted snow and breathe her in with the first beam of the sun. It’s a springtime!
But today is still February so I spent several hours in the skating-rink with my son teaching him to stand firmly and confidently on the skates. It may sound unbelievable but it was empty and we were the only skaters. When I was a kid myself there used to be a lot of boys and girls, alone or with their parents, just skating or playing hockey and we used to have the skating-rinks near almost every dwelling house. I do still remember how we fought like a crazy playing ice-hockey till the dark and it didn’t matter if the puck could be hardly seen. I said “used to” because now we prefer to party, to spend/kill time in the shopping-malls and to watch “dancing on ice” and may be that’s one of the reasons why we’ve fscked up the Olympic games.

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