VxVM is watching after you

Couple of days ago my colleague told me about one neat feature of VxVM 5.x that could be quite helpful in the field. Imagine a situation when a customer complains about VxVM misconfiguration and blames your team for a slime work. To prove him wrong, you could sift through VxVMs’ command log files to get a list of commands you typed during initial configuration. If a customer did something wrong himself and now is trying to shift the blame upon you these log files could be of invaluable help as well – just show where and when he made the mistake. The log files could me found in /etc/vx/log and are named /etc/vx/log/cmdlog and /etc/vx/log/cmdlog.number for the current and historic command logs respectively. There is a vxcmdlog(1M) command to give you some control over this feature.
One thing to keep in mind is that no every commands script are logged:

Most command scripts are not logged, but the command binaries that they call are logged. Exceptions are the vxdisksetup, vxinstall, and vxdiskunsetup scripts, which are logged.


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