Back to my home town

It’s been awhile and in the end I’ve made time for a quick post to summarize the impressions from the last trip to Irkutsk. Actually what I’m going to post is just some unbound thoughts, garnished with few photos, I had written down whilst I was doing random stuff, i.e. waiting for a plain or sitting in a hotel’s lobby. There is a glitch in the WordPress’s engine which doesn’t allow to have several image galleries in a single post so I will have to split my post in separate parts which will be logically tied together.

Sweet and vivid

Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling sitting in a completely new Terminal D building of Sheremtyevo airport. It’s deeply hard to believe that in an hour one could found himself inside a cosy and partly friendly environment called Russian airport. Yes, I said partly and that wasn’t a misprint. You could easily understand what I mean if you have ever been peered down by a uniformed-personnel, who immensely miss words like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “You’re welcome” in their vocabulary.
That’s true, that Sheremtyevo airport has had a bad reputation for a rather long time and I used to feel embarrassed that all of us simply didn’t have other options because both two old terminals, Sheremtyevo-2 and Sheremetyevo-1 dedicated to international and local flights respectively, had a sorry sight and were nakedly poor.

But now, in Terminal D I can’t escape the feeling that I’m thousands kilometers away from Russia in one of the quite Europeans country. Seriously. It’s clean, it’s filled with sun-light through the massive from-wall-to-ceilling windows and there is no hassle and deuced rush at all and now it’s easy to just sit and enjoy the plains taking-off and landing. Going to ramble through it a bit to get a deeper grasp if all these changes are for good…

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