Rambling through Irkutsk

Here are some more photos I shoot during my short stay in Irkutsk. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to go and see the grand lake Baikal but even if I did I would’ve not seen anything since it’s still coated with ice.

And as usual there was a fly in the ointment. In Moscow security showed zero interest to my gillette gel and allowed me to take it on board. But here in Irkutsk I was asked to transfer it to a trash bin due to the security rules. That’s absolutely fine and I oblige to the rules especially when it could affect security but in that case these rules must work equally no matter the place they are being applied in. That means that if my gel is considered to be dangerous it should’ve been withdrawn the very first time I went through the security gates in Moscow otherwise what’s the point in the rules if they don’t work?! It’s funny but when I tried to argue with the staff I was asked a ridiculous question about my current occupation as if the rules could submit to one’s rank or status. I wonder, what they usually do with the confiscated goods?!

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