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Yesterday I had a chance to be a part of Moscow OpenSolaris User Group meeting. It’s worth noting that it was two or three years ago when Moscow community gathered together the last time. I do hope that from now on these meeting will become more frequent and more fruitful.

Back to the point. The outcome and the total impression was very positive and engaging indeed. I was really pleased to hear from Jim Grisanzio who, in spite of the time shift between Moscow and Tokyo, was able to fork out some of his spare time and delivered an encouraging speech to all present.

The next part of the meeting that followed was more technical (LDOMs and ZFS) though didn’t go into deep details but still it was quite informative and raised several good points regarding each subject. During the short breaks we all had an opportunity to talk to Sun engineers and to feed our curiosity straight from the horse’s mouth.

So in the end, I enjoyed the event and warmly and with deep anticipation look forward to participate in the next events.

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