EIS-DVD, where are you?

Hope that’s just a temporal mess which will be successfully resolved soon. Frankly speaking, I could hardly imagine a Sun field engineer without EIS.

The EIS team regrets that EIS-DVD 23FEB10 has been cancelled.

This is due to purchase order approval changes for manufacturing and distribution as a result of the transfer of control to ORACLE Corporation. We have not been able to obtain approval for the manufacturing and distribution.

We do not have the infrastructure (or legal approval) to provide download capability.

It is hoped that we can return to normal schedule with EIS-DVD 30MAR10.

I do hope also, because, as far as I know, no other companies, i.e. HP or IBM, have developed anything similar to EIS methodology. It’s not only a virtual trump card but has proven over the ages to be incredibly useful and at times simply indispensable.

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