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I always used either pawnage or quickpwn tools to unlock/jailbreak my iPhone but yesterday I gave a go to another tool from the iPhobe Dev-Team called RedSnow which provides similar functionality to quickpwn. Said and done, I installed required package, upgraded my phone to 3.0.1 release and fired up the redsnow thoroughly following the instructions. I happily entered DFU when redsnow got stalled saying “Waiting for reboot”. From my previous experience I knew that it’s not a very bright idea to interrupt the process in the middle but after waiting for 20 minutes I had enough and boldly unplugged the phone from the usb port. Since there was no magical smoke coming out of the phone I sticked it back and by a miracle redsnow got awakened and continued its job. At first I took it as a coincidence so when the unlocking/jailbreaking was over and I decided to give it another spin by repeating the previous steps with one single exception – not to wait a second but disconnect the phone as soon as redsnow starts waving with “Waiting for reboot” message. And it worked out again with no glitches! So if you’ve been gazing at “Waiting for reboot” for half of the day just unplug and plug your iphone back into usb. The ending crowns the work!

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  1. Written by redsn0w download
    on July 20, 2014 at 4:14 am
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    I don’t understand this article… You should check for more details

    • Written by sergeyt
      on July 20, 2014 at 9:05 pm
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      This is an old post from August 2009 which describes my experience with Redsnow ver. 3.0.1 and iPhone 2G that I owned at that time. In the upshot, the jailbreak process always kept stalling making absolutely no progress at all. “Waiting for reboot” message was constantly shining on the screen and the only way out for me was to unplug the cable from the iPhone and connect it back. Only after that the jailbreak was able to continue and finish successfully.

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