Enable CIM server on MDS Cisco switch

Want to add your shiny MDS Cisco switch into HTnM (Hitachi Tuning Manager) – that’s very easy. All you have to do is to enable cim, preferably secure cim server, and configure agtw (SAN agent) using HTnM cli. How I did it…

  1. ssh into a switch to configure CIM server. First I copied SSL certificate (self-signed will do well) to configure secure cim server:
  2. # copy scp://username@ssh_host/path_to_ssl_certificate_file bootflash:simserver.pem
    # configure t
    # cimserver certificate bootflash:simserver.pem
    # cimserver enableHttps
    operation cimserver enableHttps():  status: Please restart cimserver for this request to take effect
    # no cimserver enableHttp
    # no feature cimserver
    # feature cimserver
    # show cimserver status
     cimserver is enabled
    # show cimserver httpSStatus
     cimserver Https is enabled
    # show cimserver httpStatus
     cimserver Http is not enabled
  3. Go to the server’s console of your server to do HTnM part.
  4. # /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcinssetup agtw -inst mds_swicth_name
    Connection Destination ( 1:Brocade(DCFM SMI Agent) or 2:Brocade(SMI Agent for FOS) or 3:Brocade(SMI Agent for EOS) or 4:Cisco(Seed Switch) ) : 4
    IP Address                                     : ip_address
     Secure Communication (Y/N) [N]                : Y
     Symbolic name of the fabric [mds_switch_name] :
     Login ID                                      : htnm
     Login Password                                :
                                          Re-enter :
     Store Version            [2.0]                :
    KAVE05080-I The instance environment is now being created. (servicekey=Switch, inst=mds_switch_name)
    KAVE05081-I The instance environment has been created. (servicekey=Switch, inst=mds_switch_name)
  5. Check /opt/jp1pc/agtw/agent/mds_switch_name/jpcagt.ini to make sure that you have port 5989 and secure option enabled in it./


  7. Start the agent.
  8. # /opt/jp1pc/tools/jpcstart agtw inst=mds_switch_name
    KAVE06007-I The service will now start. (service=Agent Store for SANSwitch, inst=mds_switch_name)
    KAVE06007-I The service will now start. (service=Agent for SANSwitch, inst=mds_switch_name)

Job done. Wait for the next round of data collection and enjoy the graphs and stats from your MDS box.

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