Just boring

The title says it all. Nothing is happening at all and I feel stuck in the dead calm. Below are the most noticeable events that have taken part recently:

  • The first part of Crypto class is over with the next portion expected to be offered somewhere during the autumn.
  • Finally switched from iPhone to Google Galaxy Nexus and I have no regrets about that. This new device is really cool and I must admit that ICS has brought Android to an absolutely different level.
  • A week ago my Mackbook Pro 15″ waved goodbye, switched off and every time when I tried to start it welcomed me with an absolute silence and a flashing moon-colored light from its front. Only today I returned it from AASP where it had a logical board replaced. I was hopping that I had became another witness of TS2377 and was eligible for a free replacement but unfortunately it wasn’t a problem with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, so I had to fork out quite substantial sum of money. Anyway, it was much better solution than buying a new one. Hope my silver friend would be with me for another couple of years.

Bye-bye google reader

After Google had introduced an updated version of the Reader and deliberately turned it into a clunky, shitty and hard on the eyes application, I decided to pack my bag and move all my feeds to www.newsblur.com. As far as I could tell this is the best Google Reader replacement and I could find. It’s semi-free, since you could only have 64 feeds without paying a cent, but the price for this fantastic service is reasonable so I didn’t hesitate a second and went with a premium account.

WordPress from iPhone

Gosh! Almost two months have passed from my last post and I didn’t have time to write a single word after that. I even had to install a wordpress application on my iPhone in hope it would help to me to update the blog more frequently. I’m not complaining and to tell the truth that is exactly I was craving for when I had began searching for a new position. My new job is lovely and I can’t get enough of it even at times I have to work long hours. Well, actually all of us here are so passionate about our job so I doubt that anyone feels negative about doing the overtime work.
Anyway, I’m doing well, learning new things mostly about VMware (ESX and its Perl API), HDvM and HTnM and feel myself utterly energetic and happy. Hope all of you, my friends, are doing well. Peace!

New position

After three years at CBOSS it’s time to seek for something new. The time I’ve spent working as Unix engineer were indeed fruitful and very positive and I don’t regret a second. I’ve met incredible people and have learned awfully a lot during this period. But now I’m turing a page a moving forward. At full throttle. I’m not going to change my professional orientation and still will be playing in a premier Unix league. But this time it’s going be a more vibrant and vitally critical financial environment. Wish me luck… ;-)

My second trip to Vladivostok

Last week I had a privilege to visit Vladivostok for the second time just one month after I’d been there for the very first time in my life. That’s a pitty, but I didn’t have enough time to go around the city extensively as I had planned initially: that was a classic “man proposes but God disposes” case. Anyway, I had a chance to visit a lighthouse sightseen point, a local Oceanarium and the Vladivostok’s castle museum. Very, vert impressive.

It’s sad to realize that due to the upcoming changes I’m not sure if I have another chance to visit this lovely city.


Here are some photos that I was able to shoot during my last trip to Vladivostok. Nothing special…

Where is my mind

Just can’t stop listening that. For the last two days I’ve been spining this song all over and over again. Brilliant and truly talented lad.

I’m a racker

I’ve finally evaporated into the sky and moved my modest blog into the cloud hosting. The reason for this step was quite common – my previous VPS provider has been doing a marvelous job and always has been a quick responser to any issues I had. Unfortunately, the number of the support tickets began to curve up and what alerted me most was the fact that all of them were of the same kind – “Please, reboot my VPS”. I’ve been patient until one day the server was rebooted… but hadn’t come online. The support team told me that the only way to go was a complete reinstall. That was the last drop that overflowed the cup. Thankfully, I’ve been given the backups so I could quickly move everything into a cloud. In the end of a day I’ve noticed several advantages from migrating under a wing of a new provider:

  • Noticeably faster and I could feel the better responsiveness even with 256MB instead of 512MB of RAM.
  • Moderate price.
  • Xen environment (was using Vertuozzo previously).
  • Highly configurable, e.g. there are 14 options for Linux distros that one could choose from, an option to increase RAM online, weekly, daily or on-demand backups.

Truly, every cloud has a silver lining.

A fife or a pot

There was an old soviet cartoon that tells a story about a small girl who was too lazy to plunk the berries in a forest. I could understand her – this activity usually involves intensive crawling on the knees and there is no way to avoid bending your back so it certainly would immensely hurt in the evening. So she’d chosen another route and sought help from a dwarf which offered her too options:

  • A fife.
  • A pot.

Playing on a fife would make the berry-leaves to uncover the berries they were hiding. So it seemed, it was just a question of plunking them up and placing in a pot. But here came a problem. The girl wasn’t allowed to have both items at once: either a fife or a pot. So as soon as she stopped playing the fife and exchanged it for a pot all the berries had gone and instantly got the shelter under the berry-leaves. No way to see them unless to go down on her knees and start slowly and monotonically lifting up each berry-leaves hoping to find a berry beneath it. But it wasn’t part of her plan, so she rushed to the dwarf and exchanged the pot back for the fife, played on it and, miracle! All the berries were plainly visible. But again, where to put them into. So the story got into a loop: she hurried to the dwarf and got the pot in exchange for the fife and the berries just disappeared again. Eventually, the girl had understood that sometimes you just can’t have everything and hard-work is unavoidable.
Why am I telling all that? Well, I’ve been into a long run for a new job opportunity and I’m still in a pursuit and what I’ve noticed that after every single interview I had to put myself into that girl’s shoes but the options now are slightly different:

  • A worthy compensation.
  • A challenging position and day-to-day responsibilities.

The problem here is that I’m not afraid of a hard work, like that young lady from a cartoon story, but I don’t want to make any trade-offs and want to have both of these two. Unfortunately for some uncanny reason I’m continuously hitting the same wall again and again. Or maybe I just don’t know when I’m well off?!