One week in the USA or between San Francisco and LA.

It’s really unbelievable that sometimes even the wildest dreams come true and I had a chance to visit the USA and spent a whole week from the 10th till the 17th of November. After quite a long flight, roughly 13 hours, we landed in LA airport safe and sound, took a quick connection flight to San Francisco and around 8 p.m. arrived to the hotel – Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf.
Below is how I had seen LA for the first time in my life from the plane’s window during the descent:

Frankly speaking I heard about one-story America before but could hardly imagine how it looks in real life. Literally it goes to and beyond the horizon. It was quite a shock because where I live the absolute majority have to cram into multi-story (from 5 to 20 and higher) concrete buildings and only well off part of our society could effort to have a private house. Well, enough brooding and grumping. ;-)

Our plan was the following: to stay in SF for three days, then go off to Monterey for one night, then drive through 17-mile drive and leave to Sequoia national park, have a good night sleep there and finally off to LA. That was an amazing and indescribable trip and we had a chance to visit and see many places around SF and on our way to LA. Before visiting the USA I knew that it’s a beautiful country with stunning views and picturesque landscapes. But believe me, when I saw it with my own eyes and had a chance to taste its scent only then I had understood how little these words had in common with the reality. I won’t even try to express my fillings because I doubt that such words even exist and the only wish that I have now is that someday I could return back and show this radiant country to my kids. Below just a few pictures that I took using my modest camera so please be kind and don’t be too tough on me ;-)

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