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After 5 exciting and tumultuous years in the enterprise IT as a Unix and SAN engineer it’s time to switch gears and taste something new. Of course, the alley I’m stepping into is not universally novel but for me personally it’s like an uncharted territory and something I could only dream about. The idea for a change had been ripening for quite a while so it was an effortless decision to say goodbye and move forward without turning back and holding no regrets.
Don’t want to paint with a broad brush but the enterprise IT is notoriously known for its conservatism, red-taping and being usually reluctant to any sort of changes. That’s ok for their business goals but, based solely on my personal experience, that could turn IT engineer into a bench sitter. Hopefully, at my new position I will be more exposed to the bleeding edge technologies, systems’ internals, programming and could become a better practitioner. Time will certainly tell but for now I’m emphatically waiting to face new challenges…

Speaking of practitioners, if you haven’t seen/heard the latest Bryan Cantrill’s talk I highly encourage you to do so
A Wardrobe for the Emperor: Stitching Practical Bias into Systems Software Research

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